BIC YakkAir Full HP 3 (2019)

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Quick Overview

The YAKKAir Full HP are the first ever inflatable kayaks to be 100% manufactured using high-pressure Drop Stitch technology. This technique that has already proved itself in many other fields has enabled us to manufacture ultra-light, ultra-rigid, ultra-tough inflatables with performance similar to any rigid Sit-On-Top. Apart from the innovative construction, the YAKKAir Full HPs have plenty of other tricks up their sleeve. The concept includes deep-V bow and stern mouldings that ensure great control and improved water-penetration. Manoeuvrability can be further optimised with a removable fin, fitted on the hull. They have superb glide and are made for easy-paddling. The narrower lateral panel sections give much more storage space inside than with the previous rounder panels. The more open cockpit design makes re-mounting much easier. And the bung at the stern makes it easy to empty after use.

Key Featuers:

• Drop Stitch SSL (SelyTec Single Layer) technology
• High quality PVC specially treated to resist UV deterioration with an excellent resistance to the folding and unfolding: superior strength and rigidity, much lighter weight, remains ultra-stable over time
• High-resistance fabrics with perfect water-tightness: avoids any risk of water infiltration in the high-pressure inflatable sections.
• The panels are assembled using “Advanced SelyTech V2” exclusive glue: sealing and holding power with resistance to water and high temperature is more than twice that of the standard glues.



For family fun, fitness, leisure outings and exploration.


For intermediate to advanced level paddlers looking for a top-of-the-range inflatable kayak for outings and exploration on all kinds of water, flat and rough.


High-performance inflatable kayaks made using Drop Stitch construction technology, giving them extremely good rigidity, plenty of space inside the cockpit, and a superior level of glide.


• Panelled, Drop Stitch high-pressure structure (same as our SUP range) = strength, stiffness and light weight.
• Manufactured with a fusion of high performance cloths and glues = powerful adhesion, durability.
• Profiled deck (with deep V moulded tip sections front and rear) and steep-angled run-offs = excellent glide, high performance, lateral stability, directional control.
• Versatile design concept = great for all kinds of kayaking styles (and even SUP !).
• Totally dual performance (FULL HP2) : identical solo and duo paddle comfort.
• Huge capacity for carrying equipment in the cockpit (plus extra, elasticated carry nets).
• Fast, easy inflation in less than 8 minutes thanks to its high pressure pump.
• H3 high-pressure valves = reliable, totally air-tight, replaceable.
• Self-empty bung = fast, easy emptying after use.
• Front deflector to minimise water entry in heavy chop.

Lenght: 4.80m
Width: 0.78m
Weight: 19kg
Max. Load: 250kg