SIC Bayonet 17.1 x 28.0 (UNL) w/FAST (2020)

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Victorious in prestigious races such as the M2O (Molokai2Oahu), M2M Challenge (Maui2Molokai Challenge), Olukai and many more, the Bayonet 17’1” continues its open ocean dominance and perpetuates SIC’s legacy in downwind and channel crossings. Whether a world-class paddler or advanced recreational paddler, you have never experienced the speed and handling like that of the Bayonet. The Bayonet was specifically designed to be stable and plane early in lighter winds and smaller swell. Its lower rockered nose and bow design pierce through wind and chop with ease. More volume and deck contour were added to the decking to shed water and return swiftly to the surface when the nose pokes. These features come in handy when paddling on bumps with a closer fetch, whether you are paddling on a lake or the Columbia River Gorge where waves are tighter together than on an open ocean swell such as a Maliko run in Maui. The balanced outline provides surprising rail-to rail stability for the board’s overall width. SIC’s proprietary Foot Actuated Steering Technology (F.A.S.T.) system gives the Bayonet unprecedented directional control. It is also designed to be locked off if need be and has multiple failover systems.


Single Carbon Wrap + UD Carbon - The Unlimited UNL construction is very similar to SIC SCC+ construction with a full wrap biaxial carbon fiber top and bottom and lapped over the rails doubling the rail strength and overall stiffness of the boards for a light, stiff and fast boards. The rails, tip and tail are reinforcement additional biaxial glass rail reinforcement and feature a high-density PVC deck reinforcement in the cockpit area for additional stiffness and impact strength. These boards are also molded for strength and shape consistency.

The BAYONET (UNL) 17'1'' x 28'' W/FAST comes:

  • Equipped with F.A.S.T. (3k carbon rudder)
  • EZ-Grab carry handle
  • Bungee tie downs
  • Leash plug
  • Gore-Tex™ breather vent
  • Action camera mount on nose.

Length: 17'1" | 520.7cm 
Width: 28.0" | 71.1cm  
Weight: 25.3lbs | 11.5kg (+/- 10%) 
Volume: 393 Liter