SIC Triton 8.2 x 29.0 (GCC+) (2018)

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The Triton Series is a performance surf series for paddlers looking to progress from recreational paddler to rock star. Able to surf at the highest level of performance, the Triton’s generous widths and volume mean that these boards are also stable and buoyant, making it easy to get through the break and into the surf zone. Not every day in the lineup is glassy, so the generous widths help keep a stable platform under you while standing in wait for that perfect wave. The rocker is designed to balance speed and maneuverability and the pintail helps on steeper faces, allowing you to get the board around nicely in the pocket and with your cut-backs. The nose of these models is more pulled-in than the Agent boards to help hold a line on steeper faces. The single to double concave finishes with a five-fin setup using FCS II fin boxes to enable use as either as a thruster or quad. This board will give you great confidence and control like no other. 


Length: 8'2" | 249cm 
Width: 28" | 71,1cm  
Weigth: 18.3lbs | 8,3kg (+/- 10%) 
Volume: 118L
Technology: GCC+


The boards are built to last featuring SIC’s GCC+ (Glass Carbon Composite + Innegra™) construction. The wood sandwich construction has been reinforced with carbon in the standing area and a UD carbon stringer on bottom of the board provides a stiff yet lively flex. There is a 360 degree co-woven (carbon and Innegra™) rail wrap adding additional pop and durability against paddle blade impact. The deck pads feature a four piece, custom EVA kick pad to keep your foot firmly planted to power the board through turns. Featuring a 2+2 fin setup with 12K carbon side bites or run it as a 2+1. The boxes are FCS ll, which are compatible with FCS l fins. FSC I fins are supplied with the boards.

(GCC) Glass composite + Innegra™ - wood sandwich construction top and bottom, carbon reinforced   deck and commingled carbon and Innegra™ rail wrap for durability, UD carbon stringer on the bottom for pop, diamond grooved EVA deck with kick pad. Five FCS 2 fin boxes compatible with FCS ll and FCS l fns, 12K carbon fn set (Three/Four) and can be ridden as a quad or thruster setup, Gore- Tex breather valve, Ergo undercut handle and double leash plugs.