BIC 6`0 Hydro Fish Super Frog (2019)

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Quick Overview

HYDRO-FISH boards are designed for easy surfing in all conditions with the high-end performance of a shortboard. Different sizes allow you to fine tune your choice according to desired performance vs. ease of use. The larger 6’8 & 7’0 boards deliver the fun surfing of a mini-mal with the look of a shortboard. The wide pointy nose helps catch waves easily and provides stability for take offs, while the narrow winger swallow tail gives great drive off the bottom turn and control off the top. Super versatile, these boards will surf in anything, from mush to tubes. Thruster or Quad Fin set-up allows you to adjust the board to your style.


Superfrog boards are first pre-shaped using the AKU shaping tool, then hand-finished before being coated with fiberglass and epoxy resin. Two 6 ounce layers of fiberglass on the bottom and two 6 plus one 4 ounce layer on the deck for shortboards, three 6 ounce layers on the longboards. There is no other board on the market that has so many fiberglass layers, and therefore such strength. Even so, Superfrog boards are amazingly light, the result of 30 years of experience using this construction technology and best quality raw materials on the market, plus the passion to make it happen. But for Gerard, the founder of the brand Superfrog, it’s all about shaping and surfing, rather than dreaming up marketing spiel : NO BLA-BLA, as the man himself would and does say.

Length: 6’0’’ / 183 cm
Width: 20.50’’ / 52 cm
Thickness: 2.68’’ / 6.8 cm
Volume: 36 l
Fins: FCS M5 Thruster Tri