BIC 7`0 Paint Magnum (2020)

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NEW shapes: Magnum and Super Magnum: Updated shapes for the 7’0 and 8’0 to make them more user-friendly and allow for immediate surf success. They’re wide and thick to provide maximum paddling power and stability while retaining the performance characteristics needed for maneuverability and lift. Whether you are a first timer or an advanced surfer the Magnum and Super Magnum will put a smile on your face every time you hit the water. Offset carry handle for the best mix of surfing and carrying comfort (6’ – 8’ sizes only).


Technolgy: Paint 


PAINT boards are designed to color your waves for many summers
to come by using the highest quality materials throughout.

1- Leash Plug
2- Soft Deack and Rails
3- 2 x 6 oz Fiberglass layers + Epoxy
4- EPS Foam Core
5- Soft Plastic Fins
6- Soft Foam Layer
7- Hard Slick Bottom
8- Wood or Composite Stringers

Length: 7’0’’ / 214 cm
Width: 22.50’’ / 57 cm
Thickness: 2.75’’ / 7.0 cm
Volume: 61 Liter
Fins: Thruster Tri