BIC 6'4 Misfit Shortboard PU JJ Super Frog (2016)

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Ready to Rumble

Superfrog Misfit boards are designed as everyday easy riding shortboards without limits in performance. Colorful boards for colorful surfers looking for performance without compromising stability and control.

Three main ingredients have been included in the shape: 

• The rocker has been specifically designed for fast and easy entry into waves and to carry speed across flat sections. 

• The rails are soft and forgiving through the front section of the board to eliminate catching, but transition to hard edges through the tail which releases water easily and reduces drag. 

• The outline compliments the rocker by being slightly wider through the nose and tail; these are subtle differences to the eye but make the board very user friendly without detracting from performance.


Misfit shortboards come in 5’10, 6’0, 6’2 or 6’4 sizes to match a wide range of rider weights and skill levels.


1- reinforced nose and tail areas

2- transparent polymer «Top Quality» material finish

3- Epoxy Resin and Fiberglas Layer of 6oz + 1x 4oz (Egg/Fish/Hydro) or 3x 6 oz (Longboard)

4- HD EPS blank, density 24 kg/m

5- wood stringer

6- Epoxy Resin and Fiberglas – two layers of 6oz

7- additional reinforcement along the rails

8- seamless rail finish

Length: 6’4’’ / 194 cm
Width: 19.5’’ / 49.5 cm
Thickness: 2.5’’ / 6.4 cm
Volume: 32 l
Fins: FCS M5 Thruster Tri